Tips to Help Your Poor Passion Fruit – Gardening Tips

Still can’t figure out how to help my poor passion fruit

[Jacqueline Remus]

Poor Passion Fruit

# I might try pruning it back a little and then feeding it with some some compost. [Michelle Allen]

# Needs a major pruning. They flower on new growth. [John Dueck]

# Bigger pot and fish emulsion. Passion fruits need a pair. I have two in the back garden and they are fruiting first year. [Emma Belenus]

# Give it a good haircut, some good food and sun, [Lizette Morello]

# I use the fertilizer sticks in Jan for all my fruit trees (containers and in ground) use less water. I don’t prune much unless it’s sucker sprouts at the bottom. [Brooke Fox]

#1 – Try a saucer 1 1/2″-2″ deep under the pot. Fill 1″ deep with pebbles or small angular gravel (I even get decorative items from second hand stores, sales, etc for a punch of color-low bowls, high trays, etc). Fill to top of pebbles with water. Water from bottom this way, keeping pebbles constantly moist. This plant grows in humid tropics. You will be making a self watering humidity tray this way. (at least 2″ wider in diameter than pot)
#2 – I’d also only use distilled or water left to set so chlorine and chemicals dissipate. Tropicals are often sensitive to chemicals.
#3 – Stressed plants need to concentrate nutrients and resources to survivable tissues and parts. I would remove all damaged or struggling leaves and stems. This allows the plant to focus on recovery. You might also gently remove from pot to check if root bound. If so, repot in just slightly larger pot. Wait to fertilize until recovering and use organic fertilizer for tropical vines.
#4 – Balconies can expose plants to additional stresses. They can be like wind tunnels, and offer little protection against harsh light in some instances. Locate it so it’s somewhat protected against the harsher elements. This might require consciously monitoring the balcony during different times of the day to find optimal conditions location.
Hope this helps! Please p.m. me with it’s progress. Maybe check out my page: #naturebydesignict. [Vicky Chaney-Little]

# Sorry to know. Try putting a multivitamin supplement in the soil. [Rujuta Kelkar]

# Try watering just once a week or every 10 days. Let it dry out a little. You might try putting in a bigger container with a sizable drainage. Putting about 2 to 3 inches of gravel on the bottom gives water some where to go. Give just enough to fill the bottom and let it wick up. [Robin Feusner]

# Wow no one sees the pH screaming here. I would run water through it at pH 5.7 and see if what comes out is higher than 7. This is an acid loving plant in a container where pH climbs with every watering unless you’re correcting by checking run off. If run off is over 6.0 feed a two inch layer of compost mixed with water so it soaks in fast. [Joey Thompson]

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