Avocado Start out with Flowers, How Is It?

Anybody have an avocado start out with flowers?

[Eddie Bob Groves]

Avocado with Flowers

# Wow. Are they really flowers or distorted leaves lacking chlorophyll? A closeup would be interesting Eddie. [Ralph Hobbs]

—# Also no nutrients…malformed leaves.. [Rebecca Bowen]

—# The massive seed usually provides nutrients til the first few leaves have expanded even when just given water like this. I suspect an unusual genetic abnormality in this case. [Ralph Hobbs]

# Wow, no, mine only start with leaves, never seen this [Mirjana Miletić]

# No. I agree with Ralph. Maybe leaves with no light or sunburned white. [Catherine Hess Madden]

# Never happened to me… But this is really cool!!! [Kim Tebbens]

# No I’ve never seen this. This might be fungus or infected. Is this a regular avacado or an organic avacado? [Kayte Anderson]

—# Regular. [Eddie Bob Groves]

—# I personally would toss this one or, snip it right below the first flower and let it regrow. You should snip it anyways to make more shoots [Kayte Anderson]

# I tried the toothpick thing…many times…never worked…finally started putting the pits in a ziplock bag with a small amount of water and set it on the windowsill…it takes about a month…but they finally split open and start putting a root out and then I transfer to a pot with soil [Donna Ward]

—# I am soooo going to try this!!! Do you peel yours first? [Janet Howard]

—# Janet Howard no…just put it in the bag…takes forever…lol…at least a month!! Good luck! [Donna Ward]

# I’ve read about this happening. They aren’t flowers. I think it’s a fungus. [Carol Fredericks]

# Oh how strange! [Cathy Gifford]

# Flowers? Or moldy leaves? Pic is small so it looks like puffs of mold to me. [Gio Drakes]

—# Try Zooming in. I see flowers [Jacquie Andrews]

—# I see distorted young leaves when I zoom in! [Ralph Hobbs]

# I’ve never seen that. I have 2 growing now and have full leaves, no ‘flowers’ [Rach Carriere]

# I have a one year old plant & now have a 3 month old plant to just started…it takes 6 to 8 weeks to start to root…Google growing an avocado…lots of fun [Kandi Serette Wheeler-Ambrosier]

# Wow that is impressive. I have tried several different times to germinate avocados without luck. Good job. [Terri Ruby Redmon]

# I have 3 planted and 2 just starting like you have in a jar , but never seen the blooms my all have had leaves. [Deanna L. Perez]

# I have 7 started and only 2 look like yours. But they are the large avacado pits. While the others were all small avacado pits. And the 2 are organic pits. I was wondering why they were different also. [Sadie Nation]

# No, that is amazing!!! How often do you change the water, and how long do you leave yours in a cup before planting it into the ground? [Christy Ringo]

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